Sporty's Wing Shack

Pain Scale 1-11

Sporty's wings- everything from plain to pain!

Sporty's Wing Shack wings


Up for the challenge?

Suicide Wing Challenge

So you think you're bad? The Challenger tasted like BBQ sauce?  Well get ready to grab your ankles and drop the soap, must be 18 years or older to sign a waiver and inform your next of kin because it won't be pretty.

Heat index 650,000- eat these, get your picture on the wall of pain. You eat them, they're free. 

Must be eaten from the bone. One bleu cheese, two pieces of celery. That's IT!!!! 60-minute time limit! This is a contest after all. 

0  -New York Style Buffalo (available 0-5)

4  -Red Neck Honey

7  -Point of No return

8  -Old#7

6  -Dragon Honey

7  -Smokin' Cherry

9  -Orange Creeper

Specialty Flavors:

2  -Honey BBQ

3  -Smokey Dill

1  -Teriyaki

2  -Caribbean Jerk

5  -Chipotle Adobe

1  -Southern Fried

3  -Skinheads

4  -Sweet & Spicy

3  -Ginger Thai

3  -Spicy Plum

Three Levels of Stupidity!

10  -Napalm

14 -Challenger

21 -Suicide

Dry Rubs

Mexican Standoff

Garlic Parmesan 

Chilli Dust 

Salt & Vineger